Young artists, producers say their six-hour gallery parties help fill ‘The Void’

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Sean Prosper, his roommate Rodman Davis and mutual friend Ashley Solage have thrown parties in South Florida since they were teenagers.

Then, last year, while sitting in a car with rapper Denzel Curry, they thought of creating a networking event that would integrate two creative elements: music and visual arts.

Curry came up with “The Void” as the name for the occasion, inspired by the movie Enter The Void, about a man who gets lost in a place filled with artistic activity. In the movie, it was all hallucination. The monthly event in Midtown is real.

“We have different artists displaying their work at the art gallery, there are various DJs and bands of different genres playing and performing throughout the night,” said Prosper, 27. “The Void allows us to have the most creative people, the most talented in a room at the same time.”

By Cata Balzano
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The next “The Void,” an event that brings homage to art and music by offering its guests six-hours of nonstop, live musical performances and art exhibitions, will take place on April 24.

“At ‘The Void,’ we celebrate art, life, culture, and this concept is an open door to creative talent,” said Tony “Opium” Parish, 31, a fashion blogger. “You come, and you never know who you might meet.”

From corner to corner, it offers a variety of artistic scenes, encouraging all types of musical genres and new talent to perform or exhibit their work in Midtown Miami, at LMNT [pronounced el-em-én-tee,], a luxury event venue inspired by the Italian word elementi, or elements. The name references the venue’s space available for the exhibition and production of the various elements of art.

“With ‘The Void,’ we wanted to bring that South Beach vibe to an art gallery,” said Davis, 27, also known as Rodddzilla.

The outside area, by the entrance, has a stage with a variety of live bands and DJs, a food truck and a glowing room in the back packed with art pieces. Some are on the floor, while others hang on the color-illuminated walls. The inside room contains most of the vendors, and further out it expands into a broader space as a nightclub scene takes over. The DJs entertain by playing variations of hip-hop, pop, reggae and rap among others.

Paintings, sculptures, music videos presented on projectors, live models and a nail lounge, are among the artworks available during the event.

The first “The Void” happened last July as a networking opportunity, with approximately 600 attendees, mostly friends and acquaintances of Prosper, Davis and Solage.

Almost a year later, on March 20, “The Void” opened its doors to more than 1,000 guests with seven performing DJs, live bands, an open art gallery, a Mediterranean food truck and two vendors — a jewelry designer and a clothing pop-up shop.

“The culture here matches the style of jewelry that I make,” said Elouinia Exantus, 25, owner of Elouinia Jewels. “Everybody here is unique, and my jewelry is, too, so they buy my pieces.”

Prosper, Solage and Davis collaborate together in production, management and marketing of “The Void.”

They use social media, Twitter and Instagram, as the only references for updates on when the next event will happen and reservations open. Once it’s announced, the first 200 people to RSVP receive free entrance.

“Sean and I are the creative directors and Rodddzilla helps us curate the art and performers, so we are ahead of the game,” said Solage, who helped turn the venue into the event’s permanent location.

Solage, 20, who is also known as Ashley Venom, has worked at LMNT since June 2013. When the idea for “The Void” arose, she put the organizers in contact with LMNT. Her interest for hosting an art-inspired happening came after attending an art festival called “Total Bummer Fest,” where known artists mingled with new talent.

“In Miami, it’s very hard to collaborate with people, and “The Void” offers a chance to meet those that they look up to artistically and would want to work with,” Solage said.

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What: The Void

Where: LMNT, 59 NW 36th St., Miami

When: The next event begins at 10 p.m. April 24 and runs to 4 a.m.

How much: From 10 p.m. to midnight, cover is $15 for ages 18 to 20 and $10 for ages 21 and older. After midnight the cover is $20 for ages 18 to 20 and $15 for ages 21 and older.

Info: or 305-572-9550. RSVP openings are announced via The Void’s Instagram,, and Twitter,