Tips to keep your Fourth of July from being a dud!

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Happy Birthday, America!

It is going to be the Fourth of July soon, so it’s time to set up the barbecue, eat some apple pie (or whatever pie you really crave for), and enjoy the fireworks show. Whether you are going to a beach to see them or are setting some up yourself, there are precautions you should know and follow for yourself, others and your furry friends.

By Kristen Torres & Alex Yun
South Florida News Service
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Here are seven safety precautions that should be followed this Fourth of July:

  1. Know your firework!

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It is extremely important for consumers to read the labeling on their firework packages. Know what the cautionary labels have to say and what will happen once ignited.

2. Alcohol and fireworks do not mix well.


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Put. Down. The. Drink.

Yes, do not mix alcohol and fireworks together. Drink a virgin beverage and watch in awe and wonder of the fireworks display. Once it’s all done, then keep sipping the non-virgin drinks and enjoy the rest of your night responsibly. If you mix them together, let’s hope you don’t make a trip to the ER.


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3. Adults need to supervise the children

Parents and adults need to supervise babies and young children. Children are curious, and they might do something that can end badly.

It is super important that everyone be on guard and make sure that kids are safe. If a parent does give a kid a sparkler to twirl around, please supervise to make sure nothing happens.

4. Use fireworks outside

This should be a no-brainer to everyone out there, but fireworks belong outside. Do not ruin your pretty house or apartment by lighting a firework inside.

5. Always have a bucket of water, hose or fire extinguisher nearby

If something were to happen that results in a fire breaking out, have the water nearby! It can help save lives and prevent a situation resulting in tragedy.

6. Do not bring your pet near the fireworks

Please, do not bring your pets anywhere near the fireworks. They will not enjoy the loud popping sound and will be frightened. It is important to make sure they stay clear of it and are as safe as possible — a place to keep them is listed next.

7. Please put your pet in a safe interior room 

Put your furry companion in a safe, interior room. If possible, be there with them as the fireworks are going off. I know people want to see what is happening and see the pretty colors, but your companion is probably frightened by all the noise, so try to be there and comfort them as much as possible.

Those are some of the safety precautions that should be taken this Fourth of July. Please follows these precautions. We hope you all enjoy the fireworks. Happy Fourth of July