With the highest concentration of Venezuelans in the country residing in South Florida, President Donald Trump’s speech Monday at Florida International University is of particular interest to the region.

Doral Councilwoman Christi Fraga said Venezuelans in her city are “full of full of hope and desire to see an end to the failed state of affairs that their country has fallen into over the years.”

“They want to regain the right to live in a free and democracy society, and I will always do my best to support them in that goal in any way I can,” she said.

Fraga said the Trump administration’s policy of supporting Juan Guaidó, who named himself the interim president of Venezuela in January, will have an “ultimate goal of achieving true change towards democracy and the rule of law for all Venezuelans.”

Maria Monsaterios, a first-generation Venezuelan-American, said she generally distains everything Trump stands for. Still, she said believes Trump is trying to help the South American country.

“I cannot deny that he has been very supportive of the Venezuelan people and their fight for freedom,” she said.

Still again, she believes the FIU speech is mainly for the sake of publicity.

“I feel like he is trying to gain more supporters for the next election, especially since Florida is such a difficult state to win over during elections,” she said.