“The Subtle Chaos” debuts in Hollywood

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Gallery 2014, located in Hollywood, opened “The Subtle Chaos” Friday, the work of an emerging Cuban-American oil painter and illustrator.

Miami native Carlos Antonio Rancaño said he always had a passion for drawing. After graduating from Miami International University of Art and Design, he began a career in advertising. After eight years in the industry, he decided to follow his dreams of becoming a painter.

By Ingrid Gamero
South Florida News Service
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“I’ve worked really hard to get where I am,” he said. “In these pieces, there’s happiness, contemplation and frustrations. So, if you leave here not liking any of the work, that’s fine, but I hope that at the very least you can appreciate the effort I put into these paintings because it’s there.”

Sharon Lane, who manages the gallery, said the show has been a success.

“I’m excited to show off his work and share his thoughts with our guests,” she said. “Gallery guests seem to want to know more about the woman he has used in his paintings, and are curious as to why so many cell phone references.”

Rancaño said his work is saturated with bright, warm and sharp colors that come together to bring a story to each piece of art. Being a free spirit allowed him to express himself through his artwork without holding back. Many of the portraits are of women, though one is of his nephew.

Gallery 2014 is an independent, not-for-profit art gallery that has been representing emerging artists for the last five years, said owner Elizabeth Sanjuan.

The gallery, she said, is dedicated to contemporary visual artwork. It mainly focuses on emerging artists who lack access to the public to expose their creations.

“Gallery 2014 supports and nurtures upcoming artists throughout their emerging careers,” said Sanjuan. “We work with painters and exhibit their artwork in our art gallery while supporting them in their forthcoming careers as they demonstrate their talent to the public.”