There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a headache. This pain can totally ruin your day.

But in addition to traditional medicines, some natural alternatives are becoming more popular, including certain types of food.

By Adriana Finol
South Florida News Service
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“Quinoa, spinach, egg, and pineapple are some of the foods we can consume in order to prevent headaches,” Gloria Firnhaber, a nutritionist in Venezuela, said in Spanish.

She noted it’s important to drink plenty of water.

“Dehydration is the most common cause of headaches. The brain needs an adequate amount of fluid to function and when it drops that amount, the blood vessels dilate,” Firnhaber said.

Richard Pellegrino, a Deerfield Beach-based chiropractor, said that not all headaches have to do with the foods people consume.

“There are different types of headaches, and some are not related with our nutrition. Migraine is the type of headache related to what we eat,” he said.

But it important to know what foods can cause headaches said Valeria Altomare, another Venezuela-based nutritionist.

“The foods that produce the most headaches are those processed and cured with high amounts of nitrites such as sausages, salami, and dried foods. Also, foods with phenylethylamine such as chocolate, sodas, tea and coffee are not good when trying to prevent headaches,” she said in Spanish.

Mary Andrea Gonzalez, a student at FIU, said she has frequent headaches. The pain is so constant and severe that she is concerned about her health.

“I am tired of having this pain so often,” she said. “There is not a day that I can have without having a headache. I thought this pain had to do with my vision, so I went to the ophthalmologist. He made me do some tests and everything was in good conditions. Now I do not know what to do.”

After hearing about the impacts of nutrition on headaches, Gonzalez said she would look into eating better.