FIU students documenting issues at Riviera Beach complex

On Sunday, a group of students from Florida International University went to Riviera Beach to interview the women responsible for the Tenants Union at Stonybrook Apartments.  According to Crystal Lewis and Edna House, the union's president and vice president, respectively, the complex  has had issues with mold and asbestos for about a year, which

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Survey Follow-up: Feedback from members of the gun industry

South Florida News Service recently conducted a survey of federally licensed gun dealers and pawn shops in South Florida and found similarities and differences in their answers.  The area's two most populous counties were split on whether the age to purchase firearms should be raised to 21. Broward County was largely in favor of such legislation, while Miami-Dade County gun dealers and

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The SoFlo Scoop: Tornado damage; Rubio backs secretary of state pick; Florida best place to retire

Good morning South Florida! Today is Tuesday, Jan. 24. Miami is expected to be cool and sunny with a high of 79 and low of 56. Key West is also expected to be cool and sunny with a high of 75 and a low of 67. Fort Lauderdale will have a high of 79 and a low

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