Festival de música en protesta contra Ortega

Cientos de nicaragüenses se reunieron en un festival musical en Miami para recaudar fondos para sus coterráneos refugiados en Costa Rica. Miles han huido a ese país tras las protestas contra el régimen de Daniel Ortega que llevan más de cinco meses y ya han cobrado cientos de vidas. https://youtu.be/J6XHTDEAgOY

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Nicaragua’s “ex-dictator” buried in Miami

An ex-president of Nicaragua, or ex-dictator— depending on whom you ask— is buried in Miami, not in Nicaragua or in Paraguay, where he was assassinated, but in Miami, home of the largest Nicaraguan population in the nation, according the 2010 Census. Anastasio Somoza Debayle, Nicaragua’s de-facto ruler from 1967-1979, is buried alongside his wife in

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Hispanics talk Latino stereotypes, raise humorous contrasts

As we all know, South Florida is rich in Hispanic culture, especially in Miami. The city and its many neighborhoods—Bayside, Wynwood and South Beach, to name a few—are often filled with the smell of arroz con frijoles or empanadas and the sounds of salsa music and accents from all over Central and South America. By

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