Coral Gables Hispanic Heritage Festival

On Saturday, Oct. 20, and Sunday, Oct. 21, the Gables Hispanic Cultural Foundation will host the Coral Gables Hispanic Heritage Festival in the Gables area. The festival will feature Hispanic influenced music, food, live performances, merchandise, and good vibes. This is a free to enter event with fun included.

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Coral Gables launches events to draw back visitors and new business prospects after delayed construction project

A series of pop-up galleries and events in the Miracle Mile area of Coral Gables, designed to bring back shoppers who avoided the area during a lengthy construction project is having little to no impact, say business owners. The Streetscape project — which blocked off roads and sidewalks along Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue —

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“Bunker” in Coral Gables a point of historical and cultural convergence

Looking at it now, the bunker seems smaller, less imposing—far from the edifice I’d held in my mind’s eye since I last saw it 14 years ago. Now knee-deep in vegetative overgrowth, amid the staccato chirring of grassland insects, my reunion with this strange Cold War relic feels almost anticlimactic. By Jesse Scheckner South Florida