Student Talkback: President Trump’s plan to end birthright citizenship

2018-11-05T12:41:49+00:00 November 5th, 2018|Politics|

On Monday, Oct. 29, President Donald Trump told “Axios” he plans to sign an executive order banning birthright citizenship to babies of noncitizens and unauthorized immigrants born within United States borders.

With many criticizing this decision as unconstitutional, SFNS asked Florida International University students what they thought of the president’s announcement.

“You’re blaming a newborn for being born where his or her mother gave birth,” said Elizabeth Nosti, a chemistry major. “If you were born here in the United States, you have the same rights as any other American citizen. You’re a citizen of this country because that’s what’s stated in our Constitution.”

Jean-Marc Telesford, an engineering major from Trinidad and Tobago, said everyone should be proud of their birthplace.

“The president’s opinion is one I don’t agree with it,” said Telesford. “If someone wants to have pride in the place they were brought into the world, they should have that right and privilege.”

Victoria Fernandez, a Cuban-Nicaraguan American majoring in public administration, said she was angry and disappointed. She said she hopes Americans and members of Congress will see through what she believes are discriminatory actions.

“It sounds like President Trump is trying to start a new eugenics movement by attempting to erase all records of citizens who do not ‘deserve’ to be Americans,” said Fernandez. “That’s evil.”