Student Talkback: Do You Feel Safe on Campus?

2018-10-23T16:30:48+00:00 October 23rd, 2018|News, Public Safety|

In the past year, shootings and assaults on campuses across the nation have made many students, staff and faculty wonder if they are safe.

Active shooter trainings have become a norm, and an assault on two Mast Academy High School students took place last month on Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay campus. SFNS asked FIU students how they feel about campus safety.

“I feel kind of safe, but sometimes I see random people just coming into the library and on campus, and no one really says anything, or like checks if you’re a student,” said Jarlin Alfonseca, a 22 year-old psychology major. “Anybody can come in.”

Others, like 20-year-old Alexa Morales, said she does feel safe on campus but would feel otherwise if security was too visible.

“Even though there’s not like so many security guards, that makes me feel safer,” said Morales, a business administration major. “If there were more security guards, I would be like ‘Why is there so many?’”

Angelica Vassallo also said she feels as though FIU is a safe place.

“I’ve met the police officers on campus various times. They’ve come out to a couple of events to increase self-defense,” said Vassallo, a senior majoring in hospitality. “So in the case if something did happen, I am prepared because of the services that they have provided.”

During her time at the university she said there has only been the one incident involving the two MAST@FIU students.

Alexander Marino, a 23-year-old marine biology major, said it never crosses his mind that he will be caught in a dangerous situation on campus, but added that he doesn’t see security very often.

“Security wise, I do feel like there are not enough cops around campus to call if someone were to harm us,” said Marino. “It’s something that is possibility.”