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The Society of Professional Journalists at Florida International University is an official campus chapter of SPJ – a national organization determined to protect and improve the freedom of the press.

SPJ-FIU members are dedicated to a free press and recognize that accurate, fair and balanced journalism is essential to American liberties and the concept of self-government as outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

SPJ-FIU’s mission is to foster excellence among young journalists in the South Florida community. SPJ-FIU wants to inspire successive generations of curious and passionate students to become committed journalists.

SPJ-FIU members recognize that today’s digital era has changed the future of the industry for good, so they work toward bridging the gap between traditional news values – which, if lost, pose a serious threat to the freedom of Americans – and creating compelling and content rich multimedia news packages.

If you are a student at FIU who wants to learn real world journalism – not just lessons in a classroom – join us! Email Prof. Dan Evans with questions at daevans@fiu.edu.


Dan Evans, advisor
Assoc. Professor – Dept. of Journalism + Media
daevans[at]fiu.edu • Twitter

Samantha Sarmiento, president

Sofia Sanchez, vice president

Maria Pinero, treasurer

Bianca Marcof, event coordinator