NAHJ-FIU workshop by journalists for journalists

2018-10-25T13:04:12+00:00 October 25th, 2018|Journalism|

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists’ FIU chapter hosted “A Workshop By Journalists For Journalists” last Friday on FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus.

Lilia Luciano, an investigative reporter for ABC 10, and Adriana Mocciola, a producer for Telemundo 51, were invited to speak. Both guests gave advice on how to be successful in the field of journalism. The presentations were held in Spanish.

“There are a lot of factors that will impact the opportunities you have, so you need to grasp every opportunity that appears,” said Luciano.

She said that in her first internship she learned a little bit of everything, from writing to producing. For her, learning to do everything is what is important in journalism, especially in the beginning of the career.

She added that it is important to know for a journalist to know the topic he or she is writing about. Even with the rush of publishing a piece, for her, it is important to find out more.

“The key to triumph is perseverance,” said Mocciola.

She said the determination to keep fighting for a story and trying to get that interview is what will make a journalist successful, or not, in the end.

“A journalist has to be prepared in everything, need to understand everything,” Mocciola said.

She added that she strongly believes, through education and hard work, it is possible to achieve a better life.

Mocciola said young journalists need to find a way to distinguish themselves, whether it is by speaking other languages or knowing how to use editing software.

Finally, she noted the pros and cons of using social media in stories. All facts need to be verified, something perhaps doubly important in that space.

“Social media is a super powerful tool, and you can use it, but with consciousness and caution,” said Mocciola.

Professor Mercedes Vigón, the chapter’s faculty adviser, said the aim of NAHJ is to increase diversity in the media.

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