While a man was trying to buy human skin on Facebook, some of this strange Florida news could make your flesh crawl.

  • A Tampa man was found hiding in an air conditioning duct in his home while Hillsborough County Sheriff’s officials were responding to a warrant for violation of probation, last Thursday. The deputies could hear someone in the home’s attic, and they ordered the suspect to surrender, according to the sheriff’s report. After about one hour and no response, authorities began looking for possible escape routes, and they discovered an air conditioning duct in a bedroom. Authorities cut a hole in the duct and found Larry Gaetano Puleo, 47, inside. Puelo pleaded for authorities to remove him because he was cold. He was then taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital for treatment. News 13
  • A man from was charged with burglary on Thursday after breaking into a woman’s home in Gainesville and stealing chicken and vodka, according to officials. Ronald Wesly, 34, entered into a woman’s home after she left for work. When the woman arrived, she found Wesly frying chicken from  the refrigerator and drinking her vodka. The Gainesville Sun
  • Pasco deputies are searching for two armed men, who robbed a 7-Eleven, one in a clown mask and another in a wolf mask. The incident took place about 1:32 a.m. on April 3, when the two men walked into the store, armed with a gun and demanded money. Tampa Bay Time
  • A man was bit by a five-and-a-half-foot rattlesnake at River Ranch Hunting Grounds in Polk County. Someone shot the snake’s midsection, and the man, whose name was withheld, picked up the snake thinking it was dead, according to officials. But the snake was alive and bit the man’s hand. He was airlifted to Osceola Regional Medical Center for anti-venom treatment. Orlando Sentinel 
  • A Jensen Beach man posted an ad on Facebook trying in effort to buy “human skin” for $400, according to Martin County sheriffs. A woman found the ad when it was also posted on “Jensen Beach Garage Sale,” a public page that serves as an online community yard sale for area locals and reported it to officials. Martin County deputies went to the address on the ad and arrested him for violating Florida Statue 873.01, which prohibits buying and selling human organs and issue. The ad has been taken down. AOL
  • A video captured a horse attacking an alligator in Gainesville, last Wednesday. The alligator appears to fight back and bites the horse’s leg in Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.  The animals then retreat with the horse trotting away, keeping an eye on the alligator as it slowly crawls to the opposite side of the field. Neither of the animals were severely harmed or showed any signs of bleeding, according to park officials. ABC News

–Melissa Burgess, South Florida News Service