Little Free Library comes to Aventura Mall

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The Little Free Library, with its iconic birdhouse look, recently made its way to the Aventura Mall, giving shoppers access to the free book exchange.

One patron said it is heaven.

Janoy Fuentes said he loves to read and thinks this is a great way to get people involved.

“It’s cool because they have locations everywhere, so you go on their website, punch in a Zip code, and you can see if there’s any in your area,” he said. “This is perfect for people like me that enjoy reading because you’re able to donate something you read and pick up a new one. The cycle keeps going.”

By Ingrid Padron
South Florida News Service
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Jessica Buffi,  the marketing manager at Turnberry Associates, which oversees the mall, said the two such libraries opened in mid-April.

According to Margret Aldrich,  a spokeswoman for the nonprofit, a Little Free Library model can be purchased online at, or you can create your own and have it registered on the site.

She also said that organizations and private citizens pay a one-time $40.00 fee to have their library registered and put on a world map.

“We provide a sign with a unique charter number for each registered Little Library,” she said

Stewards, volunteers who are responsible for taking care of certain libraries, customize their own models in unique ways.

According to Aldrich, there are currently more than 50,000 such stations in all 50 states and more than 70 countries.

One of the libraries in the mall is located next to the concierge center in the first floor in the east wing. The other is across from The Cheesecake Factory in the west wing.

For the most part, the libraries experience few problems, but Aldrich said when it happens everyone comes together to fix it.

“Cases of vandalism are rare, but they do happen,” she said. “…[But] the community rallies together to help fix the problem. Little Free Libraries belong to the whole neighborhood as a community resource.”

Monique Flores, shopping at the mall on a recent Saturday, said her son loves the library.

“My son loves coming here because he knows when he comes he’s getting a book, she said. “They have all kinds of varieties from children’s books to adult books, and it’s fun to see what new ones they have.”

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