Italian soccer team opens official fan club in Miami

2018-09-19T13:01:57+00:00 September 18th, 2018|Lifestyle, Sports|

Earlier this month, Juventus opened an official fan club in the Magic City, holding a launch party at The Wharf Miami.

Established in 1897 in Torino, “La Vecchia Signora” (the old lady) is one of the most successful clubs in Italy with 34 league titles — including the last seven seasons. In addition, the team has two European and two Intercontinental cups.

The president of the Miami fan club, Antonio Gallo, is a native from Torino. The lifetime Juventus supporter answered some questions about the club and his plans.

Why did you choose this venue for the fan club launch? 

For more exposure.

What are your expectations for the club this year?

I want people to get more involved so that we share our culture together and we can advance together.

How did you come up with the idea of starting a Juventus fan club in Miami?

A friend. Juventus contacted him in Torino to see if he wanted to create a fan club.

Are you planning to expand this fan club to other states? Perhaps you have any big picture plans in the future for the club?

No we’re staying in Miami. Next event I’m planning to bring some ex-players from the team, just like we did in the first event when we brought Mauro Camoranesi and Fabrizio Ravanelli.

So far this season, Ronaldo hasn’t scored yet. As a Juventus fan why do you think this is happening?

In Italy it is a different style of soccer. Juventus they play more as a team. You see every player scoring goals every game. In Real Madrid the team played only for Ronaldo. I know when it’s the right moment he’ll score.