Journalism students visit Telemundo and NBC6

2018-11-28T13:07:30+00:00 November 28th, 2018|Education, Journalism, News|

SPJ members and a group of FIU journalism students toured Telemundo and NBC 6’s facilities earlier this month in Miramar.

The Nov. 16 tour, led by Vice President of Human Resources Javier Ortiz, showed students what a day at the studio entails. An information session held in the morning included talks allowed students to ask about internships and hear anecdotes from the careers of long-time journalists.

Ortiz spoke about the kind of interns that the studio is looking for and the work ethic necessary to make it.

“The students should come in with the drive to want to learn as much as possible and always willing to work,” Ortiz said in an email. “Don’t sit there waiting for the next project or assignment to be given to you. The moment you finish that assignment, go ask for the next one.”

He added that success in the field is connected to enjoying what you do.

“Ask for feedback and help when needed and be willing to accept it,” said Ortiz. “Do something you love. When you love it, you will do it with passion.”

Following the presentation, students toured the newsrooms and watched live segments. They also got an inside look at the production control room where the final product is made.

“Experiencing the newsroom in action was like watching everything you’ve learned in your journalism courses come to life,” SPJ-FIU President Samantha Sarmiento said in an email. “The people at NBC6/Telemundo were more than welcoming to us.”

Other attendees said they appreciated the experience.

“I’m glad I got to experience this tour,” said Bianca Marcof, the club’s social media director. “It was like having a behind-the-scenes look at everything from the hair and makeup room to news anchors reporting in the studio.”

Gabriella Pinos, a sophomore broadcast major who attended the event, said she was especially drawn to the rush of adrenaline and high-energy in the control room.

“I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did,” she said. “I want to be behind the camera or editing, I like putting everything together.”