How will medical marijuana fare in Florida? A closer look at the industry [Graphic]

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In 2016, Florida voters voted YES on Amendment 2, making medical marijuana legal in the Sunshine State.

From the first marijuana drive-thru to ruling against the unconstitutional ban on smokable weed, Florida’s newest green industry is growing.

As the industry matures, here’s a breakdown of medical marijuana in the United States.

By Steven Guillen
South Florida News Service
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It has been a little over a year since the medical marijuana bill was implemented in Florida, resulting in over 100,000 registered patients and over 40 dispensaries across the state, according to Florida’s Department of Health.


Medical Marijuana Patients Infographic


With the industry in bloom, supporters and skeptics are keen to see what marijuana can bring to Florida. For some states, a strong marijuana industry has led to a booming economy. And with industry experts saying Florida could hit $1 billion in tax revenue off medical marijuana by 2020, the future looks green.



Only time will tell what this nascent industry will bring to Florida, but as marijuana flourishes in other states, signs seem to indicate the sunshine state is set to join the ranks.