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These Halloween decorations in Kendall caused a stir by people who felt they depicted a lynching. (Photo courtesy of the Tejedors)
These Halloween decorations in Kendall caused a stir by people who felt they depicted a lynching. (Photo courtesy of the Tejedors)

Hanging Halloween decoration sparks mistaken Trump backlash

A hanging Halloween decoration in Kendall sparked a furious — and mistaken — backlash in part due to its juxtaposition to a sign supporting President-elect Donald Trump.

Mark Tejedor, 28, put up Halloween decorations in his front yard after a four-year hiatus. But some of the decorations – involving two figures tied up in a tree – were lambasted in the Miami New Times and elsewhere as reminiscent of a lynching.

“There’s been threats, and everything,” said Maria Tejedor, Mark’s mother.

What triggered the reaction, at least for one woman, was a Trump sign. The promotion sat near the property line, placed by the Tejedors’ neighbor.

“What happens is the news comes, the reporters come, and they take the picture angled of having the Donald Trump sign under our tree, so they made it look political,” Mark Tejedor said.

Maria Tejedor said her son called the different news stations in order to straighten out the facts, but got no response.

“It has me fried,” the 59-year-old said.

Mark Tejedor said that what was mistaken for a hoody on one of the dummies was actually a baseball cap.

“Those were my old uniforms…Ruby Tuesdays,” he said. “How American can you get?”

Mother and son joked how a nearby clown decoration caused almost no reaction. Maria Tejedor, though, said with five people living at the home she was concerned something might happen.

The woman originally offended by the decorations did come back to apologize, Maria Tejedor said.

“If something happens, I already have two lawyers waiting,” she told the woman, though she added she accepted the gesture.

She said a member of the neighborhood’s community association presented a compromise: Keep the figures out, but take them down from the tree.

On Nov. 2 all of the Halloween decorations at the Tejedor home were taken down. Both declined to say which candidate they supported for president.

“It’s a very touchy topic,” said Mark Tejedor. “I understand that, but it’s not to make everything into that because where’s the spirit in Halloween?”

— Alexandra Rodriguez, South Florida News Service


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