Florida Believe it or Not: Man wears inmate’s ear as a necklace; Naked man sets house on fire while baking cookies; Man shot during fight over tattoo

2018-09-20T11:20:39+00:00 September 20th, 2018|Florida Believe It Or Not, Roundups|

We’ve made it past the worst of the heat, yet the Floridian weirdness continues to rise. The strange coexistence of Halloween decorations and spray fans are a staple of this time of year, and the oddities don’t stop there. As we exit this funky state of affairs and enter fall, have a look back at some tales that may have been better off not told:

A Columbia Correctional Institution prisoner mutilated his cellmate, turning his ear into a less-than-fashionable necklace, police said. A veteran officer suggests that either of the two inmates could have been under the influence of K2 – synthetic marijuana. Records show that these incidents are more common than ever in the Florida prison system. Miami Herald

Zookeeper-turned-gubernatorial candidate “Joe Exotic” was arrested for allegedly putting a hit on two women, though neither were carried out. One of the women was Carole Baskin, a rival zookeeper.  Orlando Sentinel

Without a ride home, Michael Paul, 25, allegedly stole an ambulance from a hospital in Deerfield Beach after being treated in the emergency room. Nine miles and 30 minutes later, Paul was arrested and charged with grand theft. Daily Mail

Under the influence of two liters of vodka, a naked man set some cookies to bake on a George Foreman grill, setting his house on fire in the process. Neither him nor anyone in the home were harmed, other than the man’s dignity. WSBTV

A Daytona man was shot over an altercation over a tattoo that he owed. While the other man is still at large, the victim has fortunately recovered. AJC

Somehow meeting all the Florida-state driving safety requirements, a Jacksonville man was found riding his jet ski on the open road. The man was dressed in a tank top and swim trunks – the appropriate attire for such an occasion. WPLG