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Pancakes (Photo via WIkimedia Commons)
Pancakes (Photo via WIkimedia Commons)

Florida Believe it or Not: Man eats pancakes in front of traffic; Diver saves life of lemon shark; Man finds marijuana in blood

Good morning South Florida! It’s an all you can eat buffet of strange news for breakfast: pancakes, drugs and alcohol.

  • A man found an 11 pound, 18-inch-long, taped-up package of marijuana in the shape of a giant cigar on the shores of Daytona Beach. Jeff Stolowitz, 52, said when he went to get a closer look at the package, one edge was ripped and was apparently covered in blood. Stolowitz said he called the Volusia County Beach Safety officials, who destroyed the drugs once they confirmed it was marijuana. Orlando Sentinel
  • A man from Lakeland was charged for placing an obstruction in the roadway for sitting in the middle of the street eating pancakes. Wearing nothing but slippers and green pajama pants, a video was posted to Facebook where Lakeland Police officials were able to track down Kiaron Thomas, 21. Thomas admitted to officials it was a prank. Sun-Sentinel
  • Two women stole 22 bottles of liquor from a Weston Walgreens in less than 10 minutes, officials said. Officials said surveillance video showed the two women using large purses to steal alcohol valued at $2,450 and shows one of the women going behind the counter to take a bottle while a clerk was ringing up a customer. Police are still searching for the women who stole on Feb. 8. Palm Beach Post
  • A Gainesville man was charged for aggravated assault after a road rage incident involving a baseball bat. Robert Perry, 37, was angry after being tailgated by a woman driver, according to Alachua County Sheriff’s Office police report. The report said Perry stopped at a red light, put his car in park, exited his vehicle and got a baseball bat from the trunk of his car. Perry walked up to the driver’s side the woman’s car and yelled “Learn how to drive,” according to his arrest affidavit. Perry then walked back to his car and fled the scene. The woman called police, and Perry was later arrested at his home. Sun-Sentinel 
  • A diver from Jupiter came to the rescue Wednesday when a shark approached him in a need of help. Josh Eccles, a diver with Emerald Carter in Jupiter, said one of the lemon sharks kept bumping into him, lifting his stomach to the diver while he was swimming. Eccles said he noticed a metal hook in the shark’s stomach and removed it. After Eccles removed the hook, he said the shark swam away. ABC News 
  • A Palm Beach County woman has been charged with child neglect after authorities said she falsely reported her daughter had been kidnapped. Maria Irias, admitted to officials that her daughter had not been kidnapped at the store and that she was “too drunk” to remember where her daughter was, according to Palm Beach Officials. Irias was also charged with making a false report of a non-existent crime. Local 10

— Melissa Burgess, South Florida News Service


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