Florida Believe it or Not: Man dressed as woman robs bank; Deputy accused of stealing resigns; Brutal fight over juice box

2017-02-01T12:34:03+00:00 February 1st, 2017|Roundups|

With Valentine’s Day approaching and people preparing to purchase flowers and chocolates, the Sunshine State gets its coldest day of the year and news stories just get weirder and not so lovely.

  • A Volusia County sheriff’s deputy resigned after footage apparently revealed him taking cash out of a man’s wallet. Sheriff Mike Chitwood said four people called in and accused Deputy John Braman of stealing money from their wallets during DUI stops. Accusers said that Braman would tell them he was turning off his camera before stealing the money. Sun Sentinel/The Daytona Beach News-Journal
  • Police said a man dressed as a woman in bright-colored clothes robbed a Bank of America in Palm Bay. Lamar Coaston, 32, wrote a note to a teller and took off on his bicycle. Authorities spent about 30 minutes trying to convince Coaston to give up. WESH Orlando
  • A man was shot and arrested after attempting to hit Martin County Sheriff’s deputies with his car at a hotel parking lot, authorities said. Horace Brown, 23, said he thought the deputies were trying to rob him. When asked why he had crack cocaine in his car, he replied, “Because I smoke it. Don’t I look like it?” Brown is likely to face multiple charges. Palm Beach Post
  • Pensacola police arrested a man they said was naked in a car wash parking lot. Charles William Raulerson, 52, was standing and listening to music without pants by his vehicle. Raulerson also allegedly assaulted the officers with a screwdriver after being told to put his pants on, police said. Huffington Post
  • A St. Johns County man was stabbed in the jaw over a Minute Maid fruit punch box, authorities said.  Tavage Tobler, 18, allegedly stabbed the victim from behind, causing permanent damage, authorities said. He is being charged with aggravated battery. Action News Jax
  • A college student, in South Florida for his winter break, has no recollection of being struck by a car. Abhishek Tulsyan, 24, was waiting to cross the road when a 2013 Chevrolet Camero ran him over and took off. Tulsyan is recovering and receiving physical therapy in Boston. Miami Beach police are asking for any information someone may have on the driver. Local 10 

– Darleny Jaramillo, South Florida News Service