Florida Believe it or Not: Maintenance worker finds skeletal remains; Mysterious man in suit sets Hollywood home’s door on fire; Customers warm up urine in store owner’s microwave

2018-10-11T15:26:53+00:00 October 11th, 2018|Florida Believe It Or Not|

As the spooky season descends on the Sunshine state, it brings the eeriest behaviors out of Floridians. With Halloween right around the corner, here is this week’s bizarre roundup of news that were more tricks than treats:

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said detectives are investigating a maintenance worker’s discovery of skeletal remains at a mobile home park in Gibsonton. When checking for leaky pipes at the Bull Frog Creek Mobile Home Park, located in East Bay Road, Mike Abiva found a human body! At first he thought it was a Halloween prank, but he later realized it was no joke.  FOX 13

Police released surveillance video of man wearing a suit who set the front door of a Hollywood home on fire. After setting the door ablaze the first time, he returned to do it a second time and then drove away. Police said the house on Jefferson Street is an Airbnb rental and was vacant at the time of the incident. Local 10

Parul Patel, the owner of a gas station near two drug testing labs that collect urine samples, is “sick and tired” of customers warming up their urine in the microwave. After a confrontation with a customer who walked in just to warm up her urine and leave, Patel placed a sign asking people to not warm up their urine containers. Local 10

A Vero Beach woman cuts boyfriend’s face with a kitchen knife after he declines multiple requests to have sex with her. Police said Katherine Nieves-Tavares was under the influence of alcohol and was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. NBC 6

A 57-year-old man was planning on proposing to his girlfriend at Walt Disney World but arrested and charged with disorderly conduct instead! A Disney employee asked the man to move out of the parade route in front of Cinderella’s Castle, and reported that he got angry and threatened to punch her in the face. The man is suing Disney for “falsely reporting a criminal act”. Miami Herald

A Jacksonville dog owner takes Buster, his F1b miniature Goldendoodle, out for a ride on his motorcycle in a customized bag. He says the dog seems to enjoy riding the motorcycle. Buster has called the attention of passersby for about five months now and can be seen cruising around Jacksonville beaches. Local 10