Although Floridians don’t experience the eerie bare trees and the crunch of dead leaves at this time of year, we continue to have weird news that takes a dark turn.

A Tallahassee man was charged with attempted murder in Illinois for allegedly cutting off the penis of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. Justin Foster traveled to Atlanta then to Illinois, authorities said, to find the new boyfriend. He then to beat him over the head, severed his penis and threw it over a fence. He is in jail in lieu of $1 million bond since September. CBS 47

Hermes Phillip Callijas-Gasperin was arrested a week ago for throwing sausages at his mother. His mother told police that after she had told her son she was a little too busy to make breakfast, he threw his leftover breakfast sausages at her, grabbed her by the neck and pushed her back. Miami Herald

Police in Ocala are looking for a woman who allegedly set an underwear rack on fire in a Macy’s store. A witness said that people who saw the smoke ran outside. Macy’s closed the store for the rest of the day though no one was hurt by the flames. WFTV9

A Lakeland woman is suspected of killing her husband after slipping in dog poop. Rachel Fidanian said she was cutting a pizza when her dog defecated. She said she slipped on the dog poop with knife in hand and fell into her husband, stabbing him in the ribs. Deputies said there was no feces at the scene and that she kept changing the story several times. Local10

A Hollywood woman is asking for help finding a stolen teddy bear containing her infant daughter’s ashes from her home. The teddy bear was placed on her front porch, along with other belongings, while La’Quinta McKinney went to retrieve a U-Haul . She found some of her belongings stolen along with the teddy bear when she returned. Local 10

A 24-year-old woman was removed from a Cleveland-bound flight in an Orlando airport for bringing an “emotional support squirrel” on board. Police were called because the passenger didn’t want to leave the plane. Since passengers had to exit the plane, word spread quickly of what was happening. Tampa Bay Times