FIU Ph.d student researches saltwater intrusion in the Everglades [Video]

2018-11-13T16:04:05+00:00 June 5th, 2018|Enviroment, News, Potential Award Entries, Video/Audio|

Sea level rise is a growing problem in the South Florida community. It is a threat to drinking water aquifers and growing infrastructure, which makes it not only an environmental issue but also an economic and societal matter.

Miami-Dade County’s drinking water comes from the Biscayne aquifer, which is located underneath the Everglades. Scientists are trying to determine in what ways saltwater intrusion may affect these aquifers and what can be done to preserve them.

By studying how plant communities respond to salt water intrusion, scientists are able to provide a rapid indication of small and short-term changes in response to sea level rise.

By Cristina Lebron
South Florida News Service
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