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Downtown businesses weather protests following inauguration

Owners and employees in downtown Miami gave mixed reviews to the protests in the area following the inauguration of President Donald Trump, some saying it has hurt while others saying it has helped their businesses.

Brian Roth, an employee for Frozen Mango, said Friday was slower than usual due to the demonstrations.

“I don’t think the helicopters helped,” he said.

By Alexandra Rodriguez
South Florida News Service
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However, business has been brisk for others.

Antawn Llamas, who owns an Italian ice cart, sold concessions in Bayfront Park during the Women’s March Saturday.

He said he had more carts inside the amphitheater, but had to move outside because the rally had reached maximum capacity.

“Everyone has been friendly, and I like to see everyone coming together for the same cause,” said Llamas, who travelled from North Carolina.

Wendy Villalba works at a souvenirs kiosk located at the entrance of Bayside Marketplace. She said there was more traffic than usual, but no real impact on her.

“There hasn’t been a change in sales,” Villalba said in Spanish.

However, a few yards away, a Haagen-Dazs had a line outside the door.

A Smoothie King across the street was also swamped with customers.

“We’ve had to lock the door because we were over capacity,” said employee Yari Ortega, raising her voice to be heard over a blender.

She said the store, located at Northeast Third Street and Biscayne Boulevard, usually has moderate traffic due to nearby schools.

“We have no time to get ourselves together,” she said.




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