Doral restaurant extends welcome to often-ignored members of family [Video]

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A Doral restaurant is catering to a new breed of diners with its special “Woof Menu,” designed for canines who can now join their owners for dinner at the partially open-air establishment.  

Dog owners who frequent the high-end restaurant are delighted to find that instead of taking “doggie-bags” home to their pets, they can select entrees from a custom-made gourmet dog menu and have their four-footed companions eat alongside them.

By Adrian Nones-Newman
South Florida News Service
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The 107 Steak & Bar is located inside the Element Miami Doral Hotel and boasts 18 staff members, three chefs, fusion cuisine, specialty steaks and 107 types of whiskey. The restaurant opened in November of last year, but it didn’t take long for staff to realize that most of the customers from the hotel owned dogs.

“Element Hotel is a pet-friendly place and we wanted to complement that,” said Sous Chef Jeanette Vargas. “I went all over Miami myself to research and plan the Woof Menu. It took me three months to make it.”

Vargas, who has been a chef for 19 years, wanted to provide customers’ pets with the best meals she could find and decided to source them locally from Dishes for Dogs Canine Kitchen in Wynwood. Vargas said she determined they were the best match by testing several meals on pets and even went as far as tasting some herself to check the quality.

A dog receives a meal from his owners. (Courtesy of the restaurant)

A dog receives a meal from his owners. (Courtesy of the restaurant)

The “Woof Menu” was officially available for customers in April. Dishes include “Beef & Barley,” “Lamb & Millet” and “Salmon & Sweet Potato.”

While the restaurant does not allow dogs inside, the pets are welcome to join their owners in the outdoor bar and lounge area, where they can lap up non-alcoholic, dog-approved beer and champagne and be treated to peanut butter ice cream for dessert.

“The customers never expect that we have a menu for the dogs, and they’re always happily surprised when they find out their furry friend can join them,” said Cindy Aguilar, a supervisor at 107 Steak & Bar.

Andrea Serrado, a hostess at the restaurant, said a couple from the hotel comes down every morning with their dog to enjoy a meal. Serrado also likes to see the expressions on new customers’ faces when she tells them about the Woof Menu.

“The dog beer on the menu is always catching people off guard,” said Serrado. “Most customers have no idea that there is a beer made just for dogs and they get excited.”

Other customers who show up without their dogs can order a gourmet meal from the Woof Menu to take home for their pup.

“Jonny is a picky eater, but he absolutely loves the Woof Menu when I bring it to him,” said Betzabel Guio, as her small Maltese-schnauzer wolfed down a Beef & Barley meal.