Coffee Shop Talk: Do Trump Tweets help or hurt?

2018-09-19T10:08:17+00:00 September 14th, 2018|News, Politics|

On a recent Tuesday, patrons and workers at The Alchemist coffee shop in Aventura were asked about whether they feel President Donald Trump’s Tweets are a good or bad thing for the country.

Many said that they do not agree with the Tweets, though one noted that the content has sparked conversations on controversial topics.

Kyla Rodriguez, 21, and Debbie Rodriguez, 28, are not related but say they share a sisterly bond. The two were deep in conversation despite having finished their beverages and snack.

“Anytime a president is creating a division and social turmoil it’s ineffective,” said Debbie Rodriguez. “It really begins to feel that he uses it as a diversion.”

Kyla Rodriguez, like her friend, said she doesn’t agree with what Trump voices on Twitter, but added there is some benefit. 

“Before, America was in a sort of fake kumbaya,” she said. “When he Tweets it opens the conversation for what people are afraid to talk about.”

Chris Gonzalez, 27, was more blunt.

“He’s an asshole basically,” he said.

Gonzalez is a second-generation Cuban-American. He said his father was not paid for construction work done for the Trump Organization.

“His behavior on Twitter is not beneficial,” he said. “Opening up the conversation is an accident.”

Marta San Jose, clocking out from her shift, said that she does not follow Trump.

San Jose, 22, aspires to return to school and major in psychology. She wants to improve governmental programs to help adults who need psychological help.

After reading over some of the Tweets presented to her, she said she did not feel offended.

“He makes a point about the media,” said San Jose. “Journalist need to hold their values. It’s their job to tell the whole truth.”

She said that the Tweets neither help or hurt the country.

“Tweets are subject to your own perception,” said San Jose. “[Even though] a president has standards that apply, most standards are gone nowadays.”