Coffee Shop Talk: Kat Von D’s Instagram controversy

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Kat Von D’s beauty brand has received some backlash in the last two weeks over an Instagram post that was perceived as racist by some followers.

Von D, initially known for tattoo artistry, has been accused of being anti-semitic in the past. In 2007, after being fired from the show “Miami Ink,” she allegedly left her former boss a head shot of herself with the message “Burn in hell, Jewbag.”

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Some found the image above offensive because the product is pictured in front of a cotton field and “hard work” is mentioned in the caption, leading them to conclude the post is referring to slavery.

The image was removed from brand’s Instagram page following a barrage of complaints.

Patrons at The Alchemist in Aventura had varying opinions. 

Rebecca Sell, a Bard University art history graduate, said that the picture was posted with racist intentions.

“I’m a white woman, I don’t usually pick up on these things,” she said.

Sell was familiar with Von D and her makeup line, but was not a fan because of the anti-semitic accusations.

“If you have a brand you have to hire people who represent you properly,” she said.

But Brianna Thompson, a woman of color, disagreed.

“Why do they act like everything hurts them?” she asked. “[People] are looking into it too much.”

Christian Valera, a barista at The Alchemist, agreed with Thompson. He said that if someone found the post to be racist, they already had a racist mindset.

Though Valera and Thompson ultimately joked about the post, Anthony Rogers, a veteran born and raised in Cincinnati, said he was bothered people were offended. He said that younger people are being raised in a way that makes them overly sensitive to controversial topics.

“People are getting raised in a zoo environment,” Rogers said. “Adversity is good for you.”