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Club Space tries a new set of moves: yoga [Video]

Better known for parties lasting past sunrise, a new set of moves is emerging downtown at Club Space: yoga.

Every Saturday at 4:20 p.m. “Yoga on the Space Terrance” takes over the usual electronic dance music. The classes are free, though attendees are asked to bring their own mats.

“Yoga is a nice thing for everyone,” said Coloma Kamboosky, one of the club’s owners. “We just wanted the community to have something to do in our venue that was out of the ordinary.”

Story by Veronica Bayona / Video by Veronica Bayona & Alejandro Ospina
South Florida News Service
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The venue, near the corner of North Miami Avenue and NE 11th Street, is a multi-story building famed for its after-hours partying and internationally-known guest DJs, not its asanas. But on Saturday afternoons since Feb. 11, the club switches gears, lining the rooftop dance floor with with turf, playing serene mixes and allowing the wind and natural light to provide a more relaxing experience.

Instructor Tiffany Levy said the classes are open to all experience levels. She encouraged everyone to come because “yoga is the highest level of self love.”

Most sessions typically include breathing exercises, meditation, and assuming postures that stretch and flex various muscle groups. According to Harvard Health Publications, yoga promotes stress management, flexibility and reduced joint pain, and can help improve back pains and arthritis.

But the benefits of yoga, said guest instructor Jenifer Legrand, go further than just the physical, and that the practice benefits the “mind, body and soul.”

Breathing is emphasized during yoga, she said, as it connects people to their souls, while the postures connect people to their bodies.

The dynamic workout provided on the terrace not only encourages people to be active, but creates a sense of community, said Kaboomsky.

Kristina Slog, who has attended several classes, agreed.

“The people are just amazing,” she said. “The vibes that you get from this place, it’s transcendental.”

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