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Javier Aragonés, 32, and Wilmer Salgado, 39, watch as Piero Menor, 32, kicks the ball into the 21-inch hole at the Melreese. (Photo courtesy of Piero Menor)

New game gets a foothold on South Florida golf courses

When Piero Menor, 32, goes to the International Links Melreese Country Club, he sports an aqua blue polo shirt, knee high athletic socks, indoor soccer shoes, golf shorts, a size five soccer ball and a golf hat. Menor, one of the hosts of Miami’s channel América Tevé’s Agárrese Quien Pueda show, doesn’t go to Melreese to play golf. He goes ...

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Cagney Kobrin and Michael Schock warm up before playing bubble soccer at Weekend P.E. (Photo courtesy of Weekend P.E.)

Soccer in a bubble is a growing sport in Miami-Dade

When Randy Carlson, 39, and Jake Sibely, 43, want to feel like kids again, instead of soccer, they play bubble soccer. “We can all remember when we were 5, 6, 7, 8 years old and just having that physical freedom,” said Sibely, co-founder of the U.S. Bubble Soccer Association. “But as you get older and more stiff, and maybe more ...

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Carlos Hernández, 33, José María Escriña, commonly known as Chema, 43, Jennifer Gattinger, 32, and Adrien Buisson, 28, took advantage of the cooler weather and played pádel at Real Pádel Miami. (Photo by Arthur Guisasola, South Florida News Service)

It’s not tennis, racquetball or squash – it’s pádel

Four blue courts and a giant yellow tennis ball welcome downtown Miami residents to the largest pádel club in South Florida. Pádel is played in doubles and has elements of tennis, racquetball and squash. The court, smaller than the tennis variant, is surrounded by glass, much like a racquetball court. Players swing a small, heavy racket that has no strings, ...

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For Claudia Bustillos, left in pink, the water and the mind connect during a paddleboard yoga session because it is part of the meditation. (Photo by Daniela Rios, South Florida News Service)

Yoga on the water: SUP helps build balance and muscles

The bluish-green wall with lotus shapes at Om Beats yoga studio resembles the ocean. Claudia Bustillos, 38, owner of Om Beats, said she planned it to reflect her love of the ocean and yoga, which she developed as a young girl. “Yoga and water sports are my passion. They make me feel alive,” said Bustillos, who moved to Miami from ...

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Pride RX workout social. (Photo courtesy Pride RX)

LGBT athletes, allies meet monthly throughout South Florida for PrideRX workouts

When Jorge Sanchez, 36, first started CrossFit, he was looking to make a positive change in his health and his life. He then started a blog, PrideRX, as a platform where he could keep track of his nutrition and workouts. It was meant to be a personal blog, but the idea quickly grew into something bigger after hearing about his ...

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