Opinion: eSports is destroying traditional sports

About a month ago, I was slouched on my living room couch flipping through channels on my TV, desperate to find something to watch. That’s when I came across an interesting program on ESPN. It was an eSports gaming tournament. This wasn’t the first time I had come across an eSports tournament. I had

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Opinion: The NBAs “one-and-done” rule needs to be destroyed

Watching college basketball has been one of America's favorite past times. March Madness, where the NCAA’s top schools compete in a tournament for the College Basketball National Championship can be considered its own version of the Super Bowl. I have never been able to get into college basketball because I cannot support a league

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Future of UFC in Miami

Patrons at a UFC gym in Kendall have varying opinions as to what keeps big mixed martial arts fights away from Miami. Mixed martial arts has become a trending sport in the last decade. Las Vegas, Tampa and Denver are some of the cities that are in line to host Ultimate Fighting Championship events. However,

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Opinion: What Dwyane Wade’s final season means for Miami’s youth

Let’s flashback to the 2006 NBA Finals: the powerhouse Dallas Mavericks versus the underdog Miami Heat. The Heat had some great talent with Shaquille O’Neal, Jason Williams, Gary “The Glove” Payton, and Udonis Haslem. However, I remember one player in that series that excited Heat fans more than others. He was seen all over

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Italian soccer team opens official fan club in Miami

Earlier this month, Juventus opened an official fan club in the Magic City, holding a launch party at The Wharf Miami. Established in 1897 in Torino, "La Vecchia Signora" (the old lady) is one of the most successful clubs in Italy with 34 league titles -- including the last seven seasons. In addition, the

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Florida woman to paddleboard from Cuba to Key West with hopes of breaking world record

A South Florida athlete from Fort Lauderdale will stand-up paddleboard from Cuba to Key West as she attempts to break the Guinness World Record. At 7 a.m. June 26, Victoria Burgess will begin her endeavor to paddleboard through 110 miles of open waters in less than 30 hours. Burgess’ personal goal is under 25 hours, she

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