Five candidates seek two available seats on Highland Beach commission

One current member of the Highland Beach commission is defending her seat against one challenger, while three others are vying for a second open seat on the dais. Incumbent Rhoda Zelniker will go head-to-head with architect Barry Donaldson for a three-year term, while retired Vietnam veteran Carl Gehman, physician Dr. Melissa Ebbs and retired executive

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Four competing for two available seats on Ocean Ridge commission

After its vice mayor resigned following a shooting incident, four residents are vying for two open seats on March 14 for the Ocean Ridge commission. In October, Vice Mayor Richard Lucibella was accused of shooting a gun in his backyard while intoxicated. The resulting dust-up resulted in the resignation of Lucibella, who pleaded not guilty.

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Trabajadores de Homestead [ensayo fotográfico]

En un sembradío de tomates, agricultores indocumentados se presentan a trabajar todos los días por ocho horas y hasta siete días por semana, a pesar del miedo de poder ser deportados a su país. Desde tempranas horas de la mañana, alrededor de 30 agricultores recorren los mas de 800 mil metros cuadrados que ocupa el

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Youngest newcomer elected to serve as Golden Beach council member

Golden Beach voters elected its youngest town council member on Tuesday, uprooting an 18-year incumbent in the process. Longtime council member Judy Lusskin received the highest number of votes, 216, while newcomer Jaime Mendal, 26, received 204 votes. Incumbent Bernard Einstein came in third, losing in the race for the two open seats with 117.

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Tensa calma en el Sur de la Florida al endurcerse la política migratoria [Audio]

Aunque ya se están empezando a realizar las primeras deportaciones y, a la espera de las ‘últimas medidas aprobadas por el presidente Donald Trump el martes, Santos, un guatemalteco inmigrante indocumentado, acude cada mañana a las 7 am, junto a un grupo de indocumentados, a buscar trabajo en el campo o en la construcción, tres

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Two incumbents and a newcomer compete for two Golden Beach Town Council seats

Two incumbents and one challenger are running for two council seats in Golden Beach, a 1.8-square-mile town just south of Broward County. Incumbents Bernard Einstein and Judy Lusskin are on the ballot with 26-year-old newcomer Jaime Mendal. The three are running for two council seats. The two candidates with the most votes on Tuesday win;

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FIU, UM academics deal with impacts of travel ban

In Miami-Dade County, the impact of President Donald Trump's executive order regarding the citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations may be most keenly felt on college campuses, where Ph.D. candidates and professors are scrambling to continue their research in the aftermath of the travel ban.  Mohammad Ali Faghihi, a professor in the college of medicine at the

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Downtown businesses weather protests following inauguration

Owners and employees in downtown Miami gave mixed reviews to the protests in the area following the inauguration of President Donald Trump, some saying it has hurt while others saying it has helped their businesses. Brian Roth, an employee for Frozen Mango, said Friday was slower than usual due to the demonstrations. “I don’t think the helicopters

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[Video] Women’s March in Miami

[Veronica Bayona] The women’s march in Washington D.C has sprung a domino affect across the nation. And today the South Florida community comes together as they stand against oppression and discrimination. Right here, at the women’s rally in Bayfront Park [Miravida Lorzano] “Not one particular rally is ever going to make one difference, but I

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