Camillus House: donde no pierden la esperanza en tí

Muchas veces estamos tan ocupados con nuestras vidas que se nos olvida que hay esas personas que no tienen nada, que lo único que necesitan es a alguien que crea en ellos y les brinde amparo. Es el caso de Alicia Parrish, que lleva tres meses viviendo con el apoyo de Camillus House. Alicia

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Pequeña Haití: amenazada por la gentrificación climática

Alegre, lleno de bromas amistosas y saludos entre amigos es lo que caracteriza al barrio de Little Haiti, conocido en español como La Pequeña Haití. Este barrio es el corazón cultural del éxodo haitiano en la ciudad del sol. Poco más de 30 mil personas procedentes de la isla caribeña se han instalado ahí

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Now hiring! Work at SFNS

Current FIU students are invited to apply to work for the South Florida News Service for the spring semester. To join, fill out the application below by Jan. 21 and show up to our organizational meeting on Jan. 25 at 10 am. Returning SFNS staff do not need to fill out the application, but must to attend

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Burmese python elimination program hits milestone

Last month, snake hunters for the Florida Wildlife and Conservation Commission hit a major milestone: the 1,000 captured Burmese python, a 15-foot, 3-inch male snake.     According to the United States Association of Reptile Keepers, the snake population exploded in South Florida because of Hurricane Andrew. When the storm hit back in 1992, it destroyed zoos, pet stores, exotic animal warehouses

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Tourists, locals need to watch pollution in Biscayne Bay

Winter in South Florida means one thing, tourists. But visitors trying to escape the cold and catch some sun may want to think twice before going for a swim, or at least check with Waterkeepers’ Swim Guide app. On Dec. 3, just in time for Art Basel, a contractor broke

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Lake Okeechobee spraying remains controversial

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, in collaboration with several counties surrounding Lake Okeechobee, has been spraying the lake with herbicide to help mitigate invasive growth. The spraying, however, has remained controversial. “I think what they’re doing to the lake is absolutely atrocious,” said Mike Krause, a fisherman who’s lived in Okeechobee for

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Miami Beach businesses joining plastic free pledge

Miami Beach officials are pushing to get more businesses on board with the city’s plastic-free pledge which they say will protect the environment. According to a press release sent by city officials, nearly eight million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year and which kills 100 million marine animals annually.

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Journalism students visit Telemundo and NBC6

SPJ members and a group of FIU journalism students toured Telemundo and NBC 6’s facilities earlier this month in Miramar. The Nov. 16 tour, led by Vice President of Human Resources Javier Ortiz, showed students what a day at the studio entails. An information session held in the morning included talks allowed students to ask

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Cross Bay Express gets raves for ride, boos for price

Residents and tourists have mixed reviews about the new Cross Bay Express trolley between Miami Beach and Miami, saying they like the ride but the $5 fare, each way, may be too pricy. The route from Miami to Miami Beach opened on Oct. 18. According to a press release sent out by the city, the purpose of the new route was to provide better

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