LGBT students praise FIU for readying campus’ first gender-neutral bathroom

At home, Gaby Benavente dresses as a man and goes by her legal name, Gabriel, to please her parents. At Florida International University, Benavente, 20, a male-to-female transgender student, is able to express herself as a woman, but she still runs into trouble when using bathrooms on campus that are marked “Men” and “Women.” Benavente

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The Children’s Award Gala

Dr. Troy Frazer received the first Children’s Hero Award in 2009.  Photo courtesy of Pedro Mendez. By Jessica Cohen South Florida News Service Foster care cases are kept confidential. Until 2009, the general public had little knowledge of what was going on. But that year, the situation changed when the Family Resource Center presented the first Children’s

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Miami Herald editor discusses difficulties of covering Guantanamo Bay

Students are engaged, as Dave Wilson explains the inner workings of Guantanamo, and the recent limitations Miami Herald reporters had to deal with while reporting from there. Marisol Medina / South Florida News Service       By Amanda Rabines South Florida News Service It takes a certain kind of journalist to cover Guantanamo Bay,

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Game show at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital brings fun to patients

Timothy Stahlsmith, 9, a patient at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, calls the contestant line for the live game show ‘Top 3’ on JoeD TV, which is similar to the popular game show ‘Family Feud. ELI VERA/SOUTH FLORIDA NEWS SERVICE       By Eli Vera and Matias Ocner Read in Miami Herald. Every weekday at 2 p.m.,

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Medical marijuana business seminar coming to Miami

By Maria Soledad Lorenzino Read in Miami Herald In 2004, South Florida native Ata Gonzalez watched his father, Santiago, die at the age of 58 after a battle with lung cancer. Following his father’s death, he began learning about cannabis and its health benefits. Gonzalez said he wishes he knew about the benefits of marijuana

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Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream Store Makes Its Way to Aventura

Rashad Edouard, 18, using liquid nitrogen to create Chill-N's nitrogen ice cream.  Photo by Marwan Noorani.           By Marwan Noorani South Florida News Service Every day at 2 p.m., Charlene Ferro, 63, walks down the Aventura Plaza from her office managerial position in a doctor’s office to get her afternoon treat.

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Two new high school magnet programs debut this month

Brian Duffie, 14, attended the first week of a summer bridge program to prepare for his freshman year of high school at BioTech. At the Fairchild Lab, Duffie read about orchids in preparation for the Million orchid Project, which students will help conduct along with Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden staff.  Rebeca Piccardo / South Florida

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