Coral Gables Police Department steps up recruiting process

A month after announcing over 15 vacancies in its force, the Coral Gables Police Department organized an open house in an effort to fill the empty slots. The process to become an officer is lengthy and success is far from assured. City Manager Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark said the fact more people will fail than pass is

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Dania Beach Commission approves 105-unit Comfort Inn

The Dania Beach City Commission has approved a new hotel project on Federal Highway over the objections of some residents worried about traffic, noise and construction debris. The property is located on the east side of North Federal Highway, south of NE 3rd Street, and adjacent to a residential community. Corrine Lajoie, the city’s planning

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Sweetwater Commission rejects third nomination for chief

Sweetwater’s City Commission has rejected the mayor’s third nomination for police chief -- for the third time in the last year -- underscoring tensions between the board and the city’s chief executive. Earlier this month, the Commission rejected Mayor Orlando Lopez’ third nomination for permanent chief of police, Manny Saavedra, by a 7-0 vote, claiming

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Commission falls short in attempt to fire Sweetwater public works director

Sweetwater’s public works director dodged an attempt by the City’s Commission to fire him earlier this month, beating back claims that he allowed work on numerous internal city projects to begin without proper permits. Alan Abolila argued the city had no procedures in place for the projects in question, and that he is being used

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Art teacher’s students earn accolades for Zelda Glazer Middle School

Brian Reedy’s wood-block prints fuse tradition with “geek culture,” and he teaches his students to do the same. “Brian’s a big pop-culture guy,” said Miguel Balsera, 40. “He’s not just limited to that, but through that is how he connects with and how he hooks these kids.” Reedy and Balsera worked together 15 years ago

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Nuevo Caminar in Hialeah offers free help for overcoming addictions

When Jose Velasco, an alcoholic, looked for help, he was consuming a bottle of whiskey per day. He drank while working as a carpenter and got fired. “You see that nobody likes you, that they distance themselves from you because you are an undesirable person,” Velasco said. He fell into depression. “I started to look

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Archimedean Middle earns 69 medals and first- and second-place trophies

Research, build, create and repeat. This was the daily after-school routine for students at Archimedean Middle Conservatory, a Greek-based K-12 charter school in Southwest Miami-Dade County that holds 1,197 students, as they prepared for the regional and state Science Olympiad Competition. “Many times the students have stayed after school four to five days a week,”

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Street artists and muralists come together to benefit ArtCares for Kids

At an art show in 2010, artist Christine Lyall noticed a father and son looking at her painting. While the father admired the painting at eye level, the little boy balanced on his tiptoes trying to get a better look. “I just thought, too bad it’s not low enough for the kid to see it

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Cuban-American millennials turning backs on GOP

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s younger Cuban-Americans head to the polls Tuesday, their allegiance is moving away from the Republican Party at a faster clip than their parents, a trend that may make it harder for Miami-born Marco Rubio to win in South Florida, and perhaps impossible statewide. Fernand Amandi of Bendixen and Amandi, a communications consulting firm that

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