Journalists at work: Covering the election edition

Follow the South Florida News Service staff as we cover the polls and election night parties in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Our student reporters, photographers and videographers spread out through the region providing up-to-the-minute news and information. Where in South Florida is SFNS? A map of our reporters and editors are on

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Engage Miami holds get-out-the-vote event in Little Haiti

Engage Miami officials say sometimes it takes a party to get people to vote. “Sometimes elections have a bad rep as being boring,” said Rebecca Pelham, executive director of the group, which focuses on getting young people to vote. “We wanted to create something celebratory.” The party, held in the

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Student Talkback: President Trump’s plan to end birthright citizenship

On Monday, Oct. 29, President Donald Trump told "Axios" he plans to sign an executive order banning birthright citizenship to babies of noncitizens and unauthorized immigrants born within United States borders. With many criticizing this decision as unconstitutional, SFNS asked Florida International University students what they thought of the president's announcement.

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Leap for Ladies: Voting on Amendment 4 [Video]

In the fourth episode of The South Florida Access, host Amanda Bazil speaks with Mahlia Lindquist, executive director of LEAP, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping incarcerated women transcend their past. She is also urging people to vote for Florida Amendment 4, an initiative that would restore voting rights to most felons -- except those

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Florida’s Amendments for Dummies [Video]

South Florida News Service presents "Amendments for Dummies," your crash course to the 12 amendments Floridians will be voting on this election cycle. Four of them are bundled, so it's important that voters pay attention. Though the number goes to 13, Amendment 8 was removed from the ballot. We'll be breaking down the essential

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Halloween sobre ruedas

“En Miami la imaginación no tiene límites. Ví power rangers, ET, magos, superhéroes, de todo,”  dijo a SFNS Andrés Serna, uno de los asistentes a “Critical Mass” un evento deportivo que se lleva a cabo el último viernes de cada mes, y que en esta oportunidad se dedicó a la noche de brujas.

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