Posible riesgo de salmonela en pavo molido

Butterball, una marca conocida por sus productos de pavo, retiró un número limitado de productos de pavo molido por posible riesgo de Salmonela. Los productos habían sido producidos el 26 de julio de 2018, según el comunicado oficial del Servicio de Inspección y Seguridad Alimentaria del  Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos (FSIS).

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Group discusses gender equality at Venture Cafe

In honor of Women’s History Month, Venture Café Miami hosted a panel discussion Thursday on improving gender equality, one of 17 goals put out by the United Nations. The panel, organized by the Miami chapter of the United Nations Association, included Vicki Lopez of VLL Consulting, Alexandra Figueredo, a member of board of directors

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Stimulating economic growth in greater Miami

An economic expert spoke Tuesday in North Miami about diversity, transportation and the importance of having a creative business base. Richard Florida, who gave his talk inside the Roz and Cal Kovens Conference Center at Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay Campus, also spoke about demographic trends of major U.S. cities in the last forty

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Coral Gables to phase out single-use straws

Earlier this year, Coral Gables announced the prohibition of single-use plastic straws and stirrers in city facilities, parks and events on city property. Matt Anderson, the senior sustainability analyst for the city, said they wanted to lead by example and encourage residents and the business community. The city passed the

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Stem Cell Summit returns to Miami [Video]

Jan. 22 marked the kickoff of the annual World Stem Cell Summit in partnership with Phacilitate World Leaders Summit, a conference on stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Held at the Hyatt Regency Miami, the summit showcased a wide range of different companies and experts dedicated to propelling the field into the future. Howard

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Pequeña Haití: amenazada por la gentrificación climática

Alegre, lleno de bromas amistosas y saludos entre amigos es lo que caracteriza al barrio de Little Haiti, conocido en español como La Pequeña Haití. Este barrio es el corazón cultural del éxodo haitiano en la ciudad del sol. Poco más de 30 mil personas procedentes de la isla caribeña se han instalado ahí

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Tourists, locals need to watch pollution in Biscayne Bay

Winter in South Florida means one thing, tourists. But visitors trying to escape the cold and catch some sun may want to think twice before going for a swim, or at least check with Waterkeepers’ Swim Guide app. On Dec. 3, just in time for Art Basel, a contractor broke

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Lake Okeechobee spraying remains controversial

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, in collaboration with several counties surrounding Lake Okeechobee, has been spraying the lake with herbicide to help mitigate invasive growth. The spraying, however, has remained controversial. “I think what they’re doing to the lake is absolutely atrocious,” said Mike Krause, a fisherman who’s lived in Okeechobee for

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