SPJ-FIU sponsors mobile video workshop

Chris Delboni, the former news director for the South Florida News Service, hosted a video and editing workshop on Thursday afternoon in the Department of Journalism newsroom. The event was sponsored by the FIU chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. According to Delboni, currently an adjunct professor at the school, the goal of the

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Miami Gardens busca reducir su mala reputación con nueva tecnología

La ciudad de Miami Gardens, Florida, tiene dos grandes desafíos: reducir el crimen con el apoyo de nuevas tecnologías y mejorar su reputación de ciudad insegura. “La ciudad es confundida como una de las más peligrosas debido al área que comprende, pero no es lo que las noticias muestran; es la manera como se reportan”,

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FIU students documenting issues at Riviera Beach complex

On Sunday, a group of students from Florida International University went to Riviera Beach to interview the women responsible for the Tenants Union at Stonybrook Apartments.  According to Crystal Lewis and Edna House, the union's president and vice president, respectively, the complex  has had issues with mold and asbestos for about a year, which

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FIU Journalism + Media Washington, DC and NYC bureaus officially open

Florida International University’s Department of Journalism + Media department launched its Washington, DC and New York City bureaus as part of an initiative to expand journalism students’ experience in the field. On Monday, school officials opened the Washington bureau alongside with the program’s partner Alley. A similar ceremony occurred Tuesday in Manhattan.

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FIU Journalism + Media to launch bureaus in Washington, DC and NYC

Florida International University’s Journalism + Media department will be launching bureaus in Washington, DC and New York City next week, a move school officials say is part of a larger initiative to enhance the learning experience of journalism students. The new bureaus are an extension of the South Florida Media Network, a student-produced media

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Hey you! Vote!

Florida's primary election is this coming Tuesday, Aug. 28. The staff of the South Florida News Service would like to remind you to take part in this vital democratic process. Regardless of your choices and party preference, voting is an essential part of being American, so go do it!

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