Palace extends its breakfast club “Brunchic” all weekend

Noel Leon carefully crafts her own costumes. Photo by Natalie Merola/South Florida News Service.           By Maritza R. Moulite and Natalie Merola  Read in Miami Herald Palace South Beach, now in its 25th year, serves up sass with a side of bacon at its legendary Sunday “Brunchic,” where people gather around to

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Japanese Restaurant Provides a Broad Menu and Family Environment

When they arrived in South Florida from Japan nine years ago, Kenji Puican, 40, and his wife Saori Higa, 39, set a goal to open up their own business. Puican, who worked in warehouses for Toyota, Honda and Sony in Japan, said he knew he would eventually come to America with his wife and take

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Kings & Queens Steelband Panorama celebrates Caribbean heritage

The youngest player of Silver Stars U.S.A., winner of this year’s Panorama competition, is 9 while the eldest is in their 50s.  Photo by Alex Blencowe.         By Alex Blencowe South Florida News Service  The sounds of steel pan rang and the flashing of sequins sparkled recently at the Kings & Queens

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Singer, Songwriter Dedicates Song to Deceased Friend

Singer and songwriter Joy Altman dedicates her latest song, titled “Eternal Friend,” to her best friend, Robin Kessler, who passed away in a scuba diving accident in 2012.  Video by Jethro Decimus and Vanessa Rodriguez / South Florida News Service.       By Jethro Decimus and Vanessa Rodriguez  South Florida News Service    

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Documentary Film Looks At Miami-Dade’s Pit Bull Ban

From left, Andres Hernandez, 25, Andrea Seamans, 37, and Alfred Vizcarra, 32, on set filming the documentary. Courtesy of Maria Garcia.         By Michael Sharp Read in The Miami Herald Miami’s Pit Fall, a documentary about Miami’s ban on pit bulls, the events that led to it and the effort to repeal it,

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A Reporter’s First-Person Experience In Egypt

CAIRO - Student interns Andrew Daniel, Rahul Solanki, Vijal Gala and Rishi Garg (from left to right) talk to an Egyptian man (center) who shares his view on Islam and gives free booklets about his religion. Students were visiting The Citadel, a medieval Islamic fortification that overlooks the entire city.  By Constanza Gallardo/South Florida News Service.   By Constanza Gallardo South Florida News

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