A Reporter’s First-Person Experience In Egypt

CAIRO - Student interns Andrew Daniel, Rahul Solanki, Vijal Gala and Rishi Garg (from left to right) talk to an Egyptian man (center) who shares his view on Islam and gives free booklets about his religion. Students were visiting The Citadel, a medieval Islamic fortification that overlooks the entire city.  By Constanza Gallardo/South Florida News Service.   By Constanza Gallardo South Florida News

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Pulitzer-Winning ‘Rabbit Hole’ Coming To Main Street Players Theater

Jennipher Murphy (left), 36, Alvaro Becerra, 32, Joshua Hernandez, 18, Marilyn Gresh, 57, and Brianna Mackey, Brianna Mackey (right), 26, rehearse a scene as they prepare for the upcoming premiere. Michael Sharp/South Florida News Service.       By Michael Sharp Read in The Miami Herald The 2007 Pulitzer Prize-winning play Rabbit Holeis premiering Friday at the

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Park Place’s Latin Club Is Happy To Have Olga Osorio

The Latin Club members play bingo during their official annual picnic, one of the events planned by Olga Osorio.  Photo courtesy of Maria Zulma Ospina, a  Latin Club Member.         By Carolina Trejos South Florida News Service It was her position as a correctional services aid in the education department for 20 years at the Bridgeport

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Il Fiorentino Is All About Authentic Italian Dishes On Wheels

Given his extensive experience, one would expect Italian chef Lorenzo Lapi to work in a more luxurious space than the back of his food truck. But the slender, Florence native makes working in the 16-by-8 kitchen of his truck named Il Fiorentino seem like child’s play. “In Firenze [Florence], life revolves around two things: soccer

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Mars Or Bust: FIU Student Wants One-Way Ticket

Patrick Ford, an aspiring astronaut, walks through Florida International University's Graham Center. Ford is an applicant for the Mars One Project which aims to establish a human settlement of 24 astronauts on Mars in 2023. Ford also visits several schools -- ranging from elementary to high -- for interactive lectures about space. Sana Ullah /

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Little Haiti Record Store Offers Live Music Too

Farrah Fleitman, 24, organizes merchandise while Edward Adames, 29, reviews store records, closing out the day at Sweat Records. Michael Sharp/South Florida News Service.         By Michael Sharp Read in The Miami Herald When Lauren Reskin, 31, decided to open Sweat Records eight years ago, she wanted her new business to unite Miami’s

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The Biscayne Poet

Oscar Fuentes, the Biscayne Poet, is the founder of the Oscar Fuentes Combo. Photo by Carolina Trejos/SFNS.           By Carolina Trejos South Florida News Service  Oscar Fuentes grew up between Miami and Honduras, listening to his father recite the poetry of classic Latins such as Pablo Neruda and a nurturing mother,

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‘Throw-Down’ To Test Limits At Crossfit Hardcore South ‘The Brick’

Members at Crossfit Hardcore South 'The Brick' start their warmup with box jumps, a compound, multi-joint exercise that strengthens and tones your lower body. Photo by Lisbet Castillo/South Florida News Service.       By Lisbet Castillo Read in The Miami Herald Gustavo Zingg, 22, spends his week training Hardcore Crossfit South “The Brick” members on Olympic

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Local Band Plays Eclectic Mix

Left, base player Mack Moore, perform live with drummer Felix Garcia and Antonio Sanchez, guitarist, at the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton. In the background, Daniel Naval plays the congas as Charles Gardner handles the keys. Photo courtesy of Viviana Puga.     Mike Sharp Read in The Miami Herald About 10 years ago, Antonio Sanchez,

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