SFNS at the Movies: Aladdin, Venom, and Parkland

Welcome to SFNS At the Movies! On this show, we will break down all the newest movie news coming from Hollywood as well happenings here in South Florida. At the end of the show, we will be reviewing the latest movies that have premiered and giving you our insight! On this week’s episode, we break

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Q&A with Rudy Valdez, director of “The Sentence”

Earlier this month, South Florida News Service went to an advance screening of "The Sentence," a documentary detailing the journey of director Rudy Valdez and his family in their struggle to free his sister from a lengthy prison sentence. Sometimes referred to as the “Girlfriend Problem,” witnessing certain federal crimes and failing to report

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Eco-friendly fashion designer uses his platform to promote female empowerment

A Venezuelan fashion designer showcased his new fashion collection -- Fembra -- at the Miami Botanical Gardens Thursday, designs he says can help women feel empowered. “'Fembra' came from 'hembra,' Latin for feminine,” said Alexis Carballosa. Carballosa said he advocates for female empowerment. "I respect the cultures and religions, but

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Davie thrift store raises money for animals 

The manager of a thrift store in Davie is approaching her 10th year raising  funds for abused and abandoned animals.       Helping Animals Thrift is owned by Stacey Sherman, a women who says she loves animals more than people and donates all the store’s proceeds to animal shelters. The shop, which she says is the only one of its kind in South Florida, opened in 2016.      “I have been thrifting for

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GrowFest festival takes over Homestead

On Saturday and Sunday, Redland’s Fruit & Spice Park hosted its sixth annual GrowFest festival. The festival, said organizers, focused on educating people about the importance of agriculture and sustainability. It also showcased many local vendors and growers who were ready to share their knowledge and expertise on all things grown and organic.

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South Florida Access: Stefi Chacon from “El Zol”

In the second installment of South Florida Access, Camila Insuasti speaks with Stefi Chacon from "El Zol" 106.7 Miami’s #1 Latin variety radio station. Chacon is a Latin radio personality, host and producer that has inspired many Latin women in the community. Chacon tells her story about her start in the entertainment industry and why

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Afrobeta, Miami-based duo, competes in filmmaking competition

Afrobeta, an electro-funk duo based in Miami, is exploring their Cuban heritage via a documentary its makers are attempting get bankrolled online.  "Birthright?!" by directors Jayme Gershen and Cristina Garcia, follows Tony Smurphio and Cuci Amador as they visit the island their parents fled from in the 1960s for the first time. They are

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