One Struggle’s Open Mic Night Encourages Political Views

The band Unity Rise continue to perform in the parking lot of Undergrounds Coffeehaus after the Progressive Open Mic & Arts Night was over. PHOTO BY BARBARA CORBELLINI DUARTE         By Barbara Corbellini Duarte and Brittny Valdes Read in The Miami Herald & The Sun-Sentinel It was Roy Fischler’s first time as a

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Dancing To The Brazilian Beat At Boteco

  Samba instructor Bianca Christopher leads a free class at Boteco off the 79th Street Causeway on Monday, Oct. 1, 2012. The free class takes place every Monday at the Brazilian restaurant and bar. DANIEL BOCK / FOR THE MIAMI HERALD     By Larissa Piazzi Read in The Miami Herald Giselle Barroso is originally from Costa

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Photographer to put Passion On Display at “Art Walk”

By Maria Camila Bernal Published in The Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel Peggy Levison Nolan was in her 40s when she was given her first camera. She had dropped out of school, married, had seven children and, then, divorced. The camera, given to Nolan by her father to photograph her children, changed her life completely. She went back to

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Bikes Glow For A Good Cause

By Maria Camila Bernal and Jessica Roiz Read in The Miami Herald Adam Schachner, a high school teacher in South Miami, just received an order of neon green glow in the dark paint to decorate his bicycle. “It’s gorgeous, and it glows,” said Schachner, 32. “I can’t wait to see what it’s going to look like when

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A Growing Arts Scene Attracts Visitors To The Bird Road Area For Monthly Arts Walks

By Alex Prada Published in The Miami Herald After 20 years as an electrical engineer, Manny Nogueira decided his work had become too stressful and he needed a hobby. He turned to his wife’s interest in art. Yet, there was a problem. He couldn’t paint. But Nogueira persisted. He began creating and selling small paintings of

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Young Artist Plans Murals to Show Haiti’s Resilience After Quake

By Jennifer Moreno Read in The Miami Herald A year and a half after Haiti’s major earthquake, Miami pop artist Gabriel Gimenez, 21, has dedicated his time and efforts to capture the resilience of Haitians through his next large mural project. Gimenez, also known as GG, is creating two murals simultaneously — one in Little Haiti in

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Kendall Woman Makes Balloons Her Business

By Maria Saavedra and Kristen Mayoral Published in The Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel and The Stuart News As a present from his daughter Rosa, former airline pilot Jorge Velilla, 79, took his first ride in a hot air balloon on a recent Saturday morning. Along with six other family members, Velilla drove 40 minutes to arrive at 6 a.m. at

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