Florida Believe It or Not: Naked man arrested for punching a North Port Police K-9; Man is reunited with his $150,000 prosthetic arm; Man beats an alligator with a shovel

As Floridians prepare for the upcoming election, the Sunshine State can’t escape the weird news that happens each and every day. This week is no different. North Port Police arrested a man on Saturday when residents called about a naked man banging on their house with a shovel. When police

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Florida Believe it or Not: Mako sharks predict Florida’s election results, Two middle school girls plan a stabbing attack; America’s best restroom is in Florida

Floridian news somehow manage to always take a turn for the bizarre and unexpected. Things are never as they seem down here in the Sunshine State where we have a combination of allegedly murderous middle school girls, must-visit bathrooms and fluffy-yet-venomous caterpillars. Nova Southeastern University and its Guy Harvey Research

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Florida Believe it or Not: Man cuts off penis of ex’s new boyfriend; Ocala woman sets underwear rack on fire; Woman removed from plane for bringing “emotional support squirrel”

Although Floridians don't experience the eerie bare trees and the crunch of dead leaves at this time of year, we continue to have weird news that takes a dark turn. A Tallahassee man was charged with attempted murder in Illinois for allegedly cutting off the penis of his ex-girlfriend’s new

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Florida Believe it or Not: Maintenance worker finds skeletal remains; Mysterious man in suit sets Hollywood home’s door on fire; Customers warm up urine in store owner’s microwave

As the spooky season descends on the Sunshine state, it brings the eeriest behaviors out of Floridians. With Halloween right around the corner, here is this week’s bizarre roundup of news that were more tricks than treats: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said detectives are investigating a maintenance worker’s discovery of

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Florida Believe it or Not: Elderly woman scares intruder with dentures; A wife hits her husband with vacuum cleaner attachment; A sheriff’s deputy is served bleach in his burrito

The beginning of October marks the start of the Halloween season, falling leaves and mischievous behavior. As fall continues, Florida remains undefeated in having the most bizarre and amusing news with an elderly women using dentures as a scare tactic and several alpacas getting injured. Here is this weeks round up of the strangest

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Florida Believe it or Not: Naked man in Chick-Fil-A parking lot harasses bystanders; Veteran prosecutor gets charged with shoplifting; Florida inmate leaves work crew to buy a drink

October is coming up and it's nearly time for costumes, candy and spooky decorations. Despite the fact it's still September, far more tricks than treats hide in every corner of the state. Here's a look at some of the Floridian weirdness that never ceases to amaze us: According to the

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Florida Believe it or Not: Man wears inmate’s ear as a necklace; Naked man sets house on fire while baking cookies; Man shot during fight over tattoo

We’ve made it past the worst of the heat, yet the Floridian weirdness continues to rise. The strange coexistence of Halloween decorations and spray fans are a staple of this time of year, and the oddities don’t stop there. As we exit this funky state of affairs and enter fall, have a look back

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Florida Believe it or Not: Man steals sausage; Father charged for making pot brownies; Students bring dead alligator to dorm

From selling pot brownies and stealing sausage, to being choked at Disney world, the news in South Florida remains the same – strange. Two students from Palm Bay High School were sent to the hospital after eating pot brownies at a baseball game, according to officials. After eating the brownies, the two students were unresponsive and

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Florida Believe it or Not: Man sets rabbit on fire; Teenager survives shark attack; Santa Claus look-alike arrested on cocaine charges.

From animal cruelty, to Christmas coming early and Santa Claus only bringing cocaine, the news in South Florida strives to remain strange. A man from Sarasota has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty for intentionally setting a pet bunny on fire. Manasseh Walker, 23, told officials that he burned his girlfriend’s rabbit, Thumper, by accident.

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