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SFNS at the Movies: Detective Pikachu, Harry Potter, and remembering Stan Lee

Welcome to SFNS At the Movies! On this show, we will break down all the newest movie news coming from Hollywood as well happenings here in South Florida. At the end of the show, we will be reviewing the latest movies and giving you our views! Hosts: Alexandra Yun Daniel Lederman Edited by: Daniel Lederman

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Opinion: eSports is destroying traditional sports

About a month ago, I was slouched on my living room couch flipping through channels on my TV, desperate to find something to watch. That’s when I came across an interesting program on ESPN. It was an eSports gaming tournament. This wasn’t the first time I had come across an eSports tournament. I had

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Off the Newsroom: Floridian mayhem and Netflix

Welcome to episode 14 of "Off The Newsroom," a weekly podcast produced by South Florida News Service, recapping the most important national news, what the infamous Florida Man has been up to as well as local stories covered by our reporters. On this podcast, you will hear about Florida man and Netflix. Hosts: Kristen Torres

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GOP keeps eye on ballots in Broward [Video]

Supporters of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis, the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate and governor, respectively, came to the Broward County election office on Nov. 12 to make sure ballots were counted fairly. Many also expressed anger toward Brenda Snipes, the county's supervisor of elections. Reported and edited by Gerard Albert III

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Shalala termina con el dominio cubanoamericano en un distrito clave

En el distrito 27 en Coral Gables, el martes 6 de Noviembre poco después de las 8 de la noche, la demócrata Donna Shalala se subía al podio y realizaba su discurso de aceptación. Su victoria, ante la republicana Maria Elvira Salazar, le dio la oportunidad a los demócratas de ocupar una silla en

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