AIDS Health Foundation to move Biscayne location to larger facility to deal with high demand

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The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) will be moving its busiest testing center in Miami-Dade County to a larger location in order to meet its needs, said Michael Kahane, the organization’s Southern Region bureau chief.

“We are relocating to a larger facility a few blocks away because it has outgrown its current location,” said Kahane. “We identify more positives here than anywhere else in Miami-Dade.”

The Wynwood center, located at 2900 N. Biscayne Blvd., will move down the street to 2400 N. Biscayne Blvd. along with its thrift store, Out of the Closet. Though there is no definitive moving date, representatives said the move will occur sometime in the fall.

By Marlene Fisher
South Florida News Service
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AHF clinics offer walk-in STI testing and treatment free of charge.

The new facility will have the same services, but will be adding a Hierarchal Condition Category (HCC) component to its insurance plans to better serve its patients, said Kahane.

AHF clinics provide free STI testing (Photo by: Marlene Fisher)

AHF clinics provide free STI testing (Photo by: Marlene Fisher)


Tay Woodard, a pharmacist at the Biscayne center, said a large chunk of the clinic’s patients are tourists, foreigners and a mix of individuals coming in from Homestead and Ft. Lauderdale, not just locals.

According to Miami Dade County’s Florida Health website, the neighborhoods surrounding the testing center shows the highest numbers for positive diagnoses in south Florida.

The Florida Department of Health’s most recent study showed an increase in individuals testing positive in Florida since 2013, with an 8 percent increase from 2014 to 2016.

Florida has some of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS positive testing in the U.S., according to a 2016 CDC report.

North Miami Commissioner and AHF board member Scott Galvin acknowledged the center can get busy and said he offers his support by donating regularly and getting tested.

“I know the location gets a lot of traffic,” said Galvin. “I’m thrilled we’re keeping the presence on Biscayne Boulevard.”


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(Florida Dept. of Health HIV cases from 2007 – 2016)


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(CDC 2016 HIV positive diagnoses in U.S.)