Activist claims discovery of prostitution ring in Pompano

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An anti-human-trafficking charity founder claims he has discovered a prostitution ring disguised as a massage parlor in Pompano Beach.

John Rode, founder of the Global Children’s Rescue, has been investigating a business in Parkway Plaza at 1280 South Powerline Rd. that advertises on The risqué advertisements, which list neither spa nor massage services, instead offers unspecified relaxation services, he said.

Rode, who uses sites like to uncover human trafficking for his charity, said he posed as a customer and discovered a prostitution business.

By Victoria Salas
South Florida News Service
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“They purposefully keep the rooms very dark,” Rode said. “If it wasn’t for a little flashlight they keep in there, I wouldn’t be able to get the undercover video.”

Rode said he believes the location has more than 40 women working there based on the number of advertisements posted. In the video, which he provided to SFNS, a naked woman is seen opening the door to Suite 29, having a conversation with Rode and leading him to a room.

“I can’t ask if they’re being held against their will,” he said, adding he did not take any of the offered services.

Rode said he’s contacted the Broward Sheriff’s Office, but was told that an investigation was an officer safety issue because the doors to the suite are locked.

BSO spokeswoman Joy Oglesby said she could not go into details, but officials are looking into the allegations.

Andy Shin, the plaza property manager, said he is unaware of any illegal activity.

“I am shocked,” said Shin, who added he is speaking to the tenant about the issue. “That type of business is not allowed.”

Attempts to reach the tenant directly were not successful.