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Dan Evans, News Director
Assoc. Professor – Dept. of Journalism + Media


Victoria Salas, Managing Editor
02vicky02@gmail.com • @vickythesalad  @makeupbysalad

Maria Gil, Training Editor

Marlene Fisher, Web Editor

Kristen Torres – Features Lead 

Steven Guillen – News Lead
sguil026@fiu.edu • @stevenwrites_• stevenwrites_miami

Zoe Chin, Assistant Web Editor

Estrella DeLaFlor, Assistant Web Editor
edela104@fiu.edu • @e_delaflor

Camila Gonzalez-Jimenez, Assistant Web Editor
cgonz460@fiu.edu • @kmilax0x0x • @kmilax0x0x


Sebastian Ballestas– Gentrification/Poverty
sebastianballestas1@gmail.com •@sebastianballestas.b

Amanda Bazil – Little Haiti/Black Culture
abazi004@fiu.edu • @iamamandabazil • @iamamandabazil

Sherrilyn Cabrera – Little Haiti/Gentrification
scabr067@fiu.edu • @sherriexcabrera @sherriexc

Meagan Caridad-Mederos – Young Voters
mmede026@fiu.edu • @meaganmederos

Felipe Castilla – Young Voters
fcast074@fiu.edu• @artiphicial4 • @artiphicial

Valeria Gomez, Reporter – Visual Arts/Black Culture
vgome049@fiu.edu • @valegomez19 • @valegomez19

Bruna Graff – Food & Culture/Media 
bdeal004@fiu.edu •@bruna_graff

Camila Insuasti – South Florida Access
lunamia82@gmail.com •@camilandrea007

Luciana Izquierdo
lizqu023@fiu.edu •@lucianaidelb

Emily Jarrell – Small Theater 
ejarr004@fiu.edu • @emajxxoo

Ana Lara-Cruz – Visual Arts/Palm Beach 
alara034@fiu.edu • @Analaracruzz • @analaracruz

Humberto Mendez– South Miami 
hmend032@fiu.edu • @hmp0897 • @humbertomendez8

Merveline Nelson – Food & Culture 
mnels044@fiu.edu • @MervelineNelson

Maria Pinero – Sweetwater/Media 

Yuselys Solis – Latin Music/Media 

Shiv Tailor – Film
stail002@fiu.edu • @yoboishiv@realshivtailor

Eboni Thompson – Sweetwater/Film

Albany Ubaez – Film/Gentrification
aurba005@fiu.edu •@albanyurbaez



Jose Valle
jvall112@fiu.edu• @theofficialjayvalle

Anabel Cardenas
acard151@fiu.edu • @anabel_cardenas


Paul Martinez
pmart149@fiu.edu •@_paulmartinez_ •  @_paulmartinez_


Daniel Lederman
dandrelederman@gmail.com • @trainsuplex

Alexandra Yun
ayun001@fiu.edu@_yuuunnn • @yuuunnn_


Assoc. Prof. Allan Richards, Executive Editor & SFNS Co-founder -Dept. of Journalism + Media

Assoc. Prof. Teresa Ponte, Journalism Chair & SFNS Co-founder -Dept. of Journalism + Media

Dean Brian Schriner – College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA)


Chris Delboni, SFNS News Director Emeritus (2009-2016)



The South Florida News Service is a digital journalism platform committed to providing residents of South Florida youth-focused insight into their communities. By focusing on the millennial generation, on multilingual journalism and on stories other outlets have missed, SFNS helps weave the tapestry of our polyglot home.

Pieces are written, shot and edited by students at Florida International University who function as members of the South Florida News Service.

The work — text, video, sound and multimedia — is overseen and published by its news director, a professional with nearly two decades of daily journalism experience. In addition to the work of SFNS staffers and freelancers, pieces produced within FIU’s journalism program are eligible for publication on SFNS.

The project is now in its ninth year. It is imperative, we believe, that students learn our shared craft by doing. By producing stories as bona fide members of the fourth estate, our reporters learn more, and learn faster, than they would solely with classroom instruction.

This benefits students as well as the media outlets they hope to join.

We work closely with local media outlets to make sure our reporters are producing high-quality work on topics of relevance to South Florida’s readers, viewers and listeners.


We are a digital news outlet focused on undercovered cities and communities in South Florida, producing articles, photos, videos and graphics that rival the work of our more seasoned colleagues. The youth of our reporters, editors and photographers gives voice to stories others have missed. Our energy, passion and optimism is directed and overseen by veteran journalists at FIU’s Department of Journalism + Media, ensuring the quality of the published work and strict adherence to fairness, accuracy and ethics.
The ideas are generated by our students through pluck and imagination, backstopped by the depth and institutional wisdom of our faculty to create true, lasting and positive change. 

To find out how you can help our mission and broaden the reach of your publication or outlet, contact News Director Dan Evans or click here for more information.


Since its inception in January 2009, the South Florida News Service has published more than 600 stories and scores of videos. Topics have ranged from community news to business to home and design. Many of these pieces have been picked up by major news outlets in South Florida and beyond, several appearing on A1.

Initially supported by the McCormick Foundation and three newspapers — The Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post — the SFNS has received national and international recognition for its pioneering and experimental approach (see: “The Reconstruction of American Journalism,” by Leonard Downie and Michael Schudson, 2009; and Schudson’s “Classrooms into Newsrooms,” IJOC.org, 2012).

A recent and generous grant by the Hearst Foundation and Scripps Howard Foundation will help the SFNS greatly expand its reach, teaching students the real-world skills journalism and digital skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing business.