Davie thrift store raises money for animals 

The manager of a thrift store in Davie is approaching her 10th year raising  funds for abused and abandoned animals.       Helping Animals Thrift is owned by Stacey Sherman, a women who says she loves animals more than people and donates all the store’s proceeds to animal shelters. The shop, which she says is the only one of its kind in South Florida, opened in 2016.      “I have been thrifting for

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Overtown’s Beautification Team improves both sidewalks and people

A program funded by the city of Miami employs members of the community to maintain and landscape the historic Overtown area, improving both the lives of those involved and the neighborhood as a whole, say officials. Also known as “Blue Shirts,” members of the Beatification Team can be seen around the Northwest Third Avenue

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FIU’s NAHJ chapter launches “Voces del Periodismo” journalism contest

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists chapter at Florida International University has launched a journalism contest open to students in South Florida called "Voces del Periodismo." The deadline is Nov. 9, and an awards ceremony will follow on Nov. 16. Entries may be in either English or Spanish in three categories: text, video or

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Florida Believe it or Not: Man cuts off penis of ex’s new boyfriend; Ocala woman sets underwear rack on fire; Woman removed from plane for bringing “emotional support squirrel”

Although Floridians don't experience the eerie bare trees and the crunch of dead leaves at this time of year, we continue to have weird news that takes a dark turn. A Tallahassee man was charged with attempted murder in Illinois for allegedly cutting off the penis of his ex-girlfriend’s new

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Off the Newsroom: A Freudian nightmare, feat. Ariana Grande

Welcome to episode 10 of Off The Newsroom, a weekly podcast produced by South Florida News Service recapping the most important national news, whatever the infamous Florida Man has been up to as well as local stories covered by our reporters. On this podcast, you will hear about a murder, Ariana Grande and plays. Hosts:

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GrowFest festival takes over Homestead

On Saturday and Sunday, Redland’s Fruit & Spice Park hosted its sixth annual GrowFest festival. The festival, said organizers, focused on educating people about the importance of agriculture and sustainability. It also showcased many local vendors and growers who were ready to share their knowledge and expertise on all things grown and organic.

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South Florida Access: Stefi Chacon from “El Zol”

In the second installment of South Florida Access, Camila Insuasti speaks with Stefi Chacon from "El Zol" 106.7 Miami’s #1 Latin variety radio station. Chacon is a Latin radio personality, host and producer that has inspired many Latin women in the community. Chacon tells her story about her start in the entertainment industry and why

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Election workshop held at FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus

About two dozen people – including FIU students, FIU professors, and professionals  – gathered at the Biscayne Bay Campus last week to participate in a workshop focused on covering the midterm elections. The bilingual training on Oct. 12 was hosted by the Florida Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalist as part of

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Trust counselor gives students opportunity to explore Florida’s backyard

At Hialeah Gardens High School, a high school trust counselor inspires adolescents to do more for the environment through the Florida parks program.  In addition to his day job, Tom Binder is also a sponsor of National Park Ambassadors club at the school -- a program which gives students the

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