State officials respond to Everglades flooding [Video]

Flooding in the Everglades is a serious problems, says  Fish and Wildlife Commissioner “Alligator” Ron Bergeron. Almost everything -- mammals, birds, fish and plants -- has been affected, and negatively so. He also speaks about the steps being taken to limit the damage which includes back-pumping water and opening the Tamiami Canal. -- Camila Venero

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FIU journalism students record Fairchild Gardens for VR project

On a recent afternoon, three Florida International University journalism students stepped into Fairchild Gardens to record virtual reality videos, their second location for the day. “It’s exciting,” said Andrea Perdomo, one of the leads on the history of Coral Gables project. “I’m getting to see what I never was able to as a kid, and

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New Routes and App for North Miami Beach Trolley

North Miami Beach recently improved its trolley service by way of added routes and a tracking app, city officials said. What was originally a one-route service has now turned into three routes for the retro-looking trolleys. Though the exterior looks like a vintage mode of transportation, each offers Wi-Fi and is equipped with surveillance cameras.

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