Florida Believe it or Not: Man sets rabbit on fire; Teenager survives shark attack; Santa Claus look-alike arrested on cocaine charges.

From animal cruelty, to Christmas coming early and Santa Claus only bringing cocaine, the news in South Florida strives to remain strange. A man from Sarasota has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty for intentionally setting a pet bunny on fire. Manasseh Walker, 23, told officials that he burned his girlfriend’s rabbit, Thumper, by accident.

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SoFlo Scoop: Lake Okeechobee’s water level drops; Florida women living in poverty; Senate says “Yes” to recess

Good morning South Florida! Today is Wednesday, April 5. Miami is expected to be sunny with a bit of cloud and a high 86 and low 76; Key West will be partly cloudy with a high 83 and low 77; Fort Lauderdale will be partly cloudy with a high 88 and low 76, and for

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